206 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201 

Moses Sheppard House, modern day

Plaque commemorating Moses Sheppard's House

To protect freemen and freewomen of color from kidnapping, Quakers Moses Sheppard and Elisha Tyson, his cousin, built homes next door to Sharp Street Church and School.

Moses Sheppard
Moses Sheppard
Elisha Tyson
Elisha Tyson
Dorothea Dix

Moses Sheppard Quaker Abolitionist followed his cousin Elisha Tyson from Pennsylvania to Maryland who he respected and revered.

He was also head of the Maryland Colonization Society. Sheppard colonization belief was benevolent for the reasoning that Afro Americans would never be truly free unless they moved to a Free Country.

Other Colonizationists like slave owner Robert Harper wanted Free Blacks expelled from America to suppress racial mixing. Sheppard, inspired by Dorothea Dix, later founded the Sheppard Pratt Hospital.

"Millions for defense, but not a cent for tribute"~ Robert Goodloe Harper

Robert Goodloe Harper