1500 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230

Mount Clare Mansion 

Known today as Mount Clare Mansion or Mount Clare Museum House, this is Baltimore’s oldest Colonial-era Georgian style plantation house. It was built on a Carroll family plantation beginning in 1763 by barrister Charles Carroll (1723–1783).

Charles Carroll Barrister
Portrait of Margaret Tilghman Carroll

Pennsylvania Gazette September 12, 1754

Ran away from the Baltimore Iron Works in Maryland Four white servant men and a Negroe man belonging to Charles Carroll Esq and company

On the 6th of this instant, Caesar, a New Negro man about 25 years of age, very tall and can speak but very few words of English: Had on when he went away, A striped wollelen shirt, a pair of sailor trousers very much tarr, old red jacket, old worsted cap, and old felt hat; he took with him two old blankets, the one striped, the other country made.

Whoever secures said white servants, so that they may be had again shall have for each or either of them if taken under ten miles from home Twenty Shillings, if twenty miles from home, Forty Schillings if forty miles from home. Three pounds and if out of the province Four Pistoles* and reasonable charges if brought home. And for the abovementioned Negroe, it taken under ten miles from home, fifteen schillings, if twenty miles, thirty schillings, and if out of the Province Two Pistoles* and reasonable charges if brought home RICHARD CROXALL
*Spanish currency

Pennsylvania Gazette March 8, 1764
Baltimore, February 24, 1764

Runaway last Night from Baltimore Iron Works, on Patapsco, in Maryland, two Convict Servant Men and a Mulatto Slave…. Ben, a country born Mulattoe Slave, 19 Years of Age, a lusty well set Felloe, about 5 feet 8 Inches high; he is a very white Mulattoe, much freckled, has some Marks in his Face, occasioned by fighting lately, has also a Wound on one of his Ankles, lately cut with an Axe; Had on, when he went away, an old castor Hat, Crocus Shirt, white Kersey Jacket and Breeches, Country Shoes, grey Yarn Stockings, and has a Bunch of yellow Wool at the Back of his Head. It is supposed they have stole the following Horses…. whoever secures said Servants, so that they may be had again, shall have Five Pounds reward for each or either of them, and Forty Shillings for each or either of the Horses and reasonable Charges, if brought home.


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